• Protecting Yourself from On-line Predators

    This week’s Free Lance-Star column was a very difficult one to write. In it I recounted the difficult events that wreaked havoc in my life this past January. I have been hesitant to share this story publicly, in fear that it would cause this individual to make contact again.

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    I did not want to let him know the turmoil he caused. I was afraid he would think that he won. But I will not live my life in fear. I will allow God to shed His light on the things done in the darkness. The truth is, this individual did not win. God did. He won over 2,000 years ago when He sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins. My sins. This individual’s sins. He won when He conquered sin and death and rose from the grave to eternal life. He won when He offered that same gift to all those who would put their faith in and follow Him.

    It is because of that grace that I am able to move forward in confidence. He tells us that He works all things for the good for those who love Him and have been called according to His purposes. That is why I have decided to share what happened to me and the lessons that I have learned. In the hopes that it will protect other children and families from the predators who lurk in the dark corners of the Internet.

    Below you will find a link to an article that goes into great detail about the dangers of posting photos on-line. Be warned, some of the information included is graphic and disturbing. I share it though because I think it is one of the best descriptions of the depravity of these individuals. It also gives very detailed information of what types of photos not to post on-line.

    What Predators Look for When You Post Photos of Your Children On-line

    Please, do whatever you can to protect yourself and your babies. Be smart. Be vigilant. But also pray for the predators and pedophiles. I cannot imagine the agony of living in darkness day in and day out. Pray that God’s love and light would break through and save them from sin and death. Pray for their victims. That God’s healing would make them whole again and that He would restore what was stolen.


  • How to be a Good Neighbor

    In this week’s Free Lance-Star column, I shared some of what I have been learning through the book The Art of Neighboring and the #LOVEFXBG sermon series at River Club Church.

    You can read that column by visiting the Free Lance-Star website.

    More information on how you can join the movement of Christians who have decided to take Jesus’ command to be a good neighbor literally can be found at The Art of Neighboring website.

    We would also love to have you join us at River Club Church this Sunday as we come together to answer the question, “What if Jesus meant that we should love our actual neighbors?.”

  • Can we be thankful for difficult circumstances?

    Last July, my pastor approached me and asked if I would be interested in directing an upcoming spiritual growth and giving campaign at our church, River Club Church.

    The campaign’s purpose was to stretch people in their faith and help them move forward boldly towards the dreams God had for their lives. Little did I know how much my faith would be stretched when I agreed to head it up!

    I was honored to give the message on the Sunday after Thanksgiving as part of the Daring Faith Campaign. In it I share how I have learned that the level of our thankfulness determines the outcome of our brokenness. It may not change the situation we are facing, but it changes us.

    Have you ever faced a disappointment in your life? Are you currently walking a difficult road? Do you face an uncertain future? Are there things in your life for which you struggle to say you are thankful? Then this message is for you.

    It is my prayer that God will use it to bring you to a place where you can say, “Yes, I am thankful for the difficult circumstances in my life.”



  • Narnia Comes to Fredericksburg!


    There are two more chances to see this amazing production of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe! The Academy of Arts, a Christian Conservatory out of South Carolina will be presenting their thrilling interpretation of this beloved story at 2pm and 7:30pm today, Saturday, April 9th.

    Fredericksburg is very fortunate to be the first stop on their tour which will culminate at an International theatre festival in Scotland.


    To purchase tickets call 864-268-0351 or 864-414-7607. Tickets are normally $48 for adults, but if you mention my last name you can receive the discounted rate of $20. Student tickets are $20, but my last name will get them a free backstage pass tour ($20 value).

    For more information about the Academy of Arts visit their Facebook page.

    And a huge thank you to Ava Laurenne Bride for sponsoring this fabulous show!


  • Will you help me be a “hero” for the children at St. Jude Children’s Hospital?


    Click here to visit my St. Jude Hero sponsorship page and to make a donation.

    In this week’s Free Lance-Star Column, I shared about my efforts to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. I will be running 19.3 over two days with the St. Jude Heroes team during the Disney Pixie Dust Challenge over Mother’s Day weekend.

    While I will be running for all of the children and families at St. Jude, I have chosen to run in honor of one child in particular. Many of you are familiar with Josh Hardy’s story. You will remember the national headlines and of how his family fought a battle to allow Josh to receive an experimental drug that would save his life.


    Josh has been a patient at St. Jude for several years now. Sadly, Josh is currently hospitalized and on a ventilator at St. Jude due to an infection that has caused breathing issues.

    I am so inspired by this families strength, determination, and most of all their faith and I am honored to be able to run in Josh’s name.

    No family is ever charged for any service received at St. Jude. Your donation will allow parents to focus on helping their children to get well, instead of worrying about how they are going to pay the bills.

    Would you please join me in supporting these families by sponsoring me as I run 19.3 miles over two days? It is going to be a challenge, but it will be nothing compared to what the children and families at St. Jude face every day.

    Click here to visit my St. Jude Hero sponsorship page and to make a donation.