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My High-Risk Pregnancy Story

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in your heart.”

——Winnie the Pooh

In response to the recent late-term abortion bill that was passed in New York, I heard many well-meaning, but misinformed people claiming that this legislation was intended to protect the health of the mother.

As one of those mothers, I decided to try to set the record straight and share my experience of living through a high-risk pregnancy. That post got shared more times and was seen by more people than anything else I have ever written on social media.

My Little Miss NICU

In this week’s Free Lance-Star column, I expanded upon that post in the hopes that our story would touch hearts and change minds. The fact is, there is never a need to abort a viable fetus to protect the medical health of the mother.

“A persons a person, no matter how small.”

—–Dr. Seuus

You can click here to read my story.

Several weeks ago I offered a set a free Scripture printables to my readers. It is not too late to download your set to display in your home.

Click here to download your art prints.

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