What’s your story?

I would love to be able to sit with you over a cup of coffee and listen to you tell your stories. What are your deams and disappointments? Where have you been? How has life treated you? What do you wish you could do differently? Who has been most influential in your life?


 In return, I would tell you mine. As we shared our life with each other we would realize that even though our stories are different they all have a common thread throughout––the hand of God working in our lives because of his great love for us.


Sometimes we can clearly see evidence of his presence. At other times we wonder if he even exists at all.


God is so very patiently teaching me that the only way to discover the hand of his in ALL of stories is to spend time getting to know him.


Why is it important to recognize God working in our lives? Because when we see how God has worked in the past, we can learn to trust him with our future. This trust enables us to walk confidently into his plan for our lives.

I want to join with you in learning more about God’s character and to provide you with resources that will help you grow in both your knowledge and your love for him.

I want to help you to discover, express, and grow into your unique God-given personality.

In a world of grey, dare to be pink.

Are you tired of trying to fit in? Of hiding your true self because you’re afraid of what others might think if they knew the real you? Me too!


After spending a lifetime trying to be who others wanted me to be, I finally said enough is enough. Making the choice to embrace my God-given personality, quirks and all, has given me a sense of freedom and confidence I’ve never before experienced.


My grandmother had a poster on her wall that said, “God doesn’t make no junk!” Nothing about us––our likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, dreams and passions––are an accident.


God gave each of us a different set of characteristics so that we could accomplish his unique plan for our lives. Plus, this world would be a really boring place if we were all alike!







It’s not about me.