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Hi! I’m Heather and I am so glad you are here!

I am a wife and mother to four preemie princesses, two pot-bellied pigs, and our obligatory pandemic puppy. If you come for a visit, you may find yourself feeling a little bit like you’ve step into the Sound of Music with the Von Trapp family singers. And be prepared to play a fun game I lovingly call, “Dodge the Ballerina” as you walk through the kitchen.

You may notice that things look, well, a little pink around here! I’ve always loved the feminine fashions of the 1940s and 1950s. Over the past few years, I’ve gained the confidence to step outside the box and embrace a style aesthetic that reflects my unique God-given personality.

In a world that tells us we all have to look, behave, and live a certain way, I hope to inspire you to be true to yourself and live the life God is calling you to live.

I believe in the power of story to change lives. Whether it is telling other people’s stories, sharing my own, or helping you write your happily-ever-after, story is at the core of everything that I do.

When we leverage our history—the good, bad, and ugly—to help others we partner with God in the rewriting of our own stories–ones filled with happiness, peace, significance, and purpose.



I first began sharing my stories with middle and high school students when I was 17 years old. My father had just died in a drunk driving crash in which he was the drunk driver.

For ten years I traveled the United States and internationally sharing the story of his addiction and the pain that it caused him and everyone around him in the hopes that it would keep young people from making the same choices that he made.

I now share my heart with audiences of all ages. I give people the tools they need to turn their tragedies into triumphs and to live a life of significance and purpose no matter the cards they’ve been dealt.

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Syndicated Columnist

For the past ten years, I have been sharing stories that illustrate timeless Biblical truths with practical application with the readers of my newspaper column, Saying Grace.

Published on a bi-weekly basis and syndicated through Berkshire Hathaway Media, you can find it at www.freelancestar.com.

“I commend you for your deep concern about our future and for your exemplary commitment to improving our world.”

President Bill Clinton

Heather is truly a trophy of His grace and now has the joy through her writing and speaking to be a grace dispenser.

Dr. Dan Cook

Executive Pastor, Spotswood Baptist Church

Heather’s presentation was a soul and life changer. She was wonderful, warm, compassionate, and sincere.

Keynote Attendee

I wanted to thank you for sharing your God-given gift of words and
expression, even when the truth is hard to publish.

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One of the keys to living a happy life full of purpose is to use our God-given gifts to help other people. I have worked with Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, Students Against Destructive Decisions, the March of Dimes, and the Heart of America Association, among many others.

From raising funds and volunteering behind the scenes to lobbying for legislative change on both the state and federal level, this work has been one of the key ways that God has healed my brokenness.

God is there walking with us through all of our stories. He is the unseen, ever-present character working all things for our good. But our stories and experiences are not just for us. We are to take them and use them to pour into the lives of others, even when it is difficult for us to do. Often, God uses that very process  to bring about the healing we so desperately desire in our own lives.