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2 Important Questions to Ask Before It’s Too Late

Hi Friends! It has been almost two weeks since this column was published in the Free Lance-Star, but what a busy two weeks it has been!

My husband was out of town and it seemed like I just couldn’t find a few moments to sit down with my computer to type this post. But I didn’t want to skip sharing this one with you because I believe it is an important message that we all need to hear (I know I need to be reminded of these truths again and again and again).

The death of actor Luke Perry caused me to examine the path I am on in my own life and ask if that path will lead me to where I ultimately want to be. You can read that Saying Grace column here.

Luke Perry gained fame for his role of Dylan McKay on the hit 1990s show Beverly Hills 90210.

You can expect another post from me this Saturday morning. And then next week I have some exciting announcements to share with you! Well, I think they are exciting! Hopefully, you will too.

Until then . . .


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