What Others Are Saying

“I commend you for your deep concern about our future and for your exemplary commitment to improving our world.”
President Bill Clinton

Women’s Ministry Feedback

“Tremendous!  I was truly, truly blessed.  Incredible ministry will come from this.  The world needs to know Him as father”

“This presentation is a soul and life changer.”

“This is a topic many deal with and face, but is not talked about often.  This was a great opportunity for that.”

“Heather was fabulous and has a spiritual presence, a powerful testimony and an affirming presentation for those who struggle with the legacy of our earthly father.”

“I appreciate Heather’s focus on Scripture, which, by the Holy Spirit, is the only thing that can correct a marred view of the character of God, our Heavenly Father!”

“Such a need topic that could go on for days.  That you for the practical helps you gave.”

“Being now married with 4 children, it opened my eyes to asking what do my children desire in a perfect father.  Now I can encourage my husband to be the father example that my children need to see their heavenly Father correctly.”

“Heather was wonderful, warm, compassionate and sincere.”

Youth Presentation Feedback

“Your presentation was informative and greatly contributed to the command’s program of deglamorizing the use alcohol.” — P.L. Glenn, Captain, U.S. Navy

“Students will never be able to look at substance abuse and drunk driving the same after hearing Heather’s message . . . her story affects them in a way that others cannot . . . it changes their heart.” — Annie Powell, Mother’s Against Drunk Driving

“The evaluations received from those attending the presentation were overwhelmingly positive.  Eighty percent of the participants rated it as “outstanding” while the other twenty percent rated the presentation as “great.”  It is responses like these that validate Heather’s emotionally moving story of hope and healing.” — DC Sills, 2005 SADD National Conference Co-Chairperson

The presentations itself was excellent for our high school audience.  Heather was able to draw them in with her personal story so that the audience was interested and engaged.  She continued with her presentation in such a manner so as to make the consequences and implications of destructive decisions abundantly clear.  Heather was particularly effective in illustrating the far-reaching effects of one individual’s actions.  As a speaker, Heather was poised and dynamic.  The students were clearly impacted by her message.” — Julie Evans, Teacher, Kenwood High School

“You taught me the real consequences of [making poor decisions] . . . out of all the years I have listened to speakers, no one has had an affect on me like you.”  — Livia Taylor, Student

“You said that although you weren’t naive enough to think that after your story no one would drink or do drugs, you hoped that you had touched one person.  I am writing to tell you that I was that person, so thank you.” — Stephanie Haas, Student

“I was one of the students who was lucky enough to hear your amazing story.  I can honestly say that your story truly inspired me to never drink or do drugs.  Your story will stay with me forever and whenever I am put in a position of drinking or drugs, I will think of your story.” — Nicole Grad, Student

“. . . I realized how one person’s poor decisions can change the lives of a whole group of people.  I learned the great consequences that result when you make bad decisions and decide to involve yourself with drugs and alcohol . . . You certainly changed my views and touched my life.” — Cassie Fox, Student

“Your story was truly touching . . . you really convinced me that I shouldn’t take drugs or drink excessively.  The things that you taught us about drinking and driving and/or taking drugs we’d never find in a textbook.  You’ve preformed a tremendous service and I thank you for persuading me to make the right decision.” — Matthew Smith, Student


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