Yes, you really do have the “perfect body.”

Mrs MD Swimsuit

My “BC” body. BC stands for BEFORE CHILDREN!

In last Saturday’s Free Lance-Star column, I shared about my struggle with body image since the birth of my four daughters. Three babies in four years really takes a toll on a woman. Especially when those pregnancies are high-risk and end in c-sections. A surprise “advanced maternal age” pregnancy five years later did nothing to help the situation.

Visit the Free Lance-Star website to read the column: We are all flawless in God’s eyes. When you are finished, I would love for you to come back here and join the conversation in the comments below.





Question: How have you allowed your outward appearance to define your inward worth? What truths have you applied to your life that have allowed you to see yourself as you really are – flawless?

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  • Cheryl

    I love this article and really need it at this time! My spouse is always commenting on how I need to lose weight and don’t look like I did when we got married. That was almost 26 years ago and we have two children, 20 and almost 23. I try to tell myself that God created me and loves me how I am and not listen to my spouse, but it’s very tough at times. This article is perfect! Thank you Heather!