Per Request: My First Column

I have had several requests asking to read my newspaper column. In the past the religion columns have not been posted on the paper’s website. After speaking with my editor today, she agreed to start posting my columns and will even give the religion column its own blog page in the future.

My first column will not be on the paper’s site, so I decided to scan it and share it with you here. You can find my second column here.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my second column, What Are You Called To Do To Help the Poor?  Do you have any other suggestions on ways people can help those in need?  How has reaching out to the less fortunate impacted your life?

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • CrazyBlessed

    YAY! Thank you for posting it, and for the link to your second column. I am praying for many hearts to find encouragement, but also for some to have a hunger to know our amazing Lord. I have to tell you, my kids and I pack non-perishable food bags (Granola Bars, apple sauce, spoon, easy open can of soup etc.) when ever we head to the city. We always run into people who are looking for help/hand-outs, and this has become a way that they can be involved/reach out and give, even if it’s small. This year we are focusing on the poor whether here or across the world so there are more adventures to come for our family as we serve in new ways.

  • christimarcotte

    What a great description of “attitude of gratitude” as we face life’s difficulties! Beautifully written, Heather. I will keep you in prayer as you continue to write for the Free Lance-Star and for the lives that you will touch.