Speaking Ministry

After spending over ten years speaking to young people about the dangers of substance abuse and drunk driving in middle and high schools around the country, I felt the Lord leading me to use the skills I had gained to minister to the church.

My heart’s desire is to encourage Christians to seek absolute truth through diligent, in-depth Bible study and to live in the freedom they find on the pages of God’s word. Being a story-teller by nature, I love to use the stories the Lord has given me to illustrate Biblical truths and ultimately God’s goodness.

I would love to chat and pray with you to see if I am the right speaker for your next event. Please use the “Contact” page to get in touch with me. Below you will find a sampling of some of the topics that I offer.

A Father’s Legacy
I use the tragic story of my father’s life and death to help women see God’s amazing plan for their life despite their circumstances. This powerful presentation guides women to:

  • Know the true character of God
  • Discover who they are in the light of who He is
  • Trust God through every difficult circumstance

A Crown that Doesn’t Tarnish

With over 20 years of experience competing in pageants, I know quite a bit about chasing an earthly crown. In this eye-opening presentation, I help women to:

  • Identify the idols in their life
  • Exchange emptiness for true soul satisfaction
  • Learn what it means to build a trove of treasure in heaven

Confessions of a Has-Been Beauty Queen

In this fun and light-hearted presentation, I use the lessons I learned––good and bad–– while competing in pageants to help women to:

  • Embrace a healthy lifestyle and body image
  • Cultivate their God given talents
  • Develop authentic friendships by stopping the comparison game
  • Live life in service to others

Studying the Bible for Yourself

While pre-packaged Bible studies and devotional books have their place, I believe that every woman should know how to study the Bible for herself. In this hands on life-changing presentation, I lead women to:

  • Learn about the creation and narrative of the Bible
  • Discover numerous Bible study resources and how to use them
  • Engage in comprehensive Bible study