Stuck and A Christmas Dare

I blogged everyday for a month.  Thirty-one days of pouring over God’s word and pouring out my heart on this screen.  And then nothing.

I have been stuck.

There are many reasons.  I got really sick and could barely make it through the day and just couldn’t bring myself to do anything but go to sleep when the kids went to bed at night.

My focus then started to shift back to all the other things around me that need to get done.  My quiet time with the Lord gradually became less and less and I literally found myself with nothing to say.  Just 30 days ago I could barely keep up with all the things that were on my heart to share.  All of the things that He was sharing with me.  And then nothing.

Well, not nothing.  One thing.  There has been one thing that has been on my heart to share.  Every time I ask Him what I should write about next, I keep coming back to this one thing.

This one idea.

But I haven’t done it because I have been scared.  Scared that people will think that I am crazy.  Scared that you will think that I am being self-righteous or “preachy”.

And then this came today . . .

Whose birthday is it really?

And my heart jumped out of my chest.  Yes, God!  This is what you told me.  This is what you have been working in my heart.  The thing that you asked me to share, but I have been to afraid to do so.  Lord, forgive me.

So, here it is . . .

Every year, I take great pleasure in making a list of things that I want to get for Christmas.  I love to browse websites and flip through catalogs looking for that perfect item that is going to make my Christmas special.

This year was different, though.  God has been opening my eyes to the fact that I have many wants and not very many needs.  Compared with so many of His children who live in such poverty, I live like a queen.

How can I ask for one more book that I don’t have time to read?  More clothing when my closets are over-flowing?  More yarn or fabric when I have more than I will ever be able to use in my entire lifetime?  One more gadget that will be obsolete in a year?

The answer was that I couldn’t.

And so, instead of making a long list of things that I don’t really need, I asked my family for gifts from either the Compassion or World Vision gifts catalogue.

So instead of getting that scarf or another collectible that will sit on my shelf and gather dust, this year I will be getting chickens, goats and malaria nets.  Well, I won’t be getting them, but people who are living in the most poverty stricken places in the world will.

They will be receiving gifts that will not just provide them with joy for the moment, but instead will help to sustain their families for years to come.

Would you prayerfully consider doing the same?  Can I be so bold as to dare you to live out Christmas differently this year? 

There.  I did it.  I shared what I have been scared to share.  And I have learned a powerful lesson about being obedient. 

My words are not as eloquent as Ann’s, but they come from what God has been working in my heart.  And it seems that I am not the only one.  God is moving hearts all over the world to live a radically giving, radically different life for Him.

Will you join us?

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