Not Deprived, Empowered

made to crave

I am just over half way through week one of the Proverbs 31 Made to Crave On-line Bible Study and all I can say is, “why did I wait so long to read this book?!”.

The P31 On-line Bible Study leaders have chosen a theme word for each week.  This week’s word is EMPOWERED.  As I placed the accompanying refrigerator sign prominently on the front of our freezer door, my husband said, “What the heck does that mean?”.  At the time, I really couldn’t answer him.


He continued to joke, “Does it mean you are empowered to eat the ice cream in there?”.  Then he got more serious, “Hon, if I am going to support you in this, I need to know what that means.”

It took me some time to come up with an answer, but I think that I have finally got it.  First and foremost, it means that I am empowered by God on this journey towards both mental and physical health.  But it also means that I am empowered to not eat the ice cream in the freezer.  I am not being deprived of the ice cream in the freezer.  It is a slight mental shift, but such an important one.

It is my choice to not eat the second portion at dinner because I know that it is going to be better for me in the long run.  There is no outside force depriving me of all the good foods in life.  I am not missing out on something.  I am choosing the better road.

The result of either attitude is the same––eating less––but choosing to feel empowered to make good choices versus feeling deprived is going to make the journey so much more enjoyable.

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  • jenniferbarker

    Your comments, Heather, on the mental shift reminded me of how we look at turning away from sin as exactly that. Turning away from sin. But in turning away from sin, we need to look to the Savior. So why not think of it as looking to the Savior instead? Slight mental shift. Big difference.

    Thank you for prompting these thoughts. Loved it!

    • hablondi

      That is a wonderful analogy! Thank you for sharing. I will definitely remember that when the bag of baking chocolate chips starts calling my name at about 6 o’clock at night.

  • rebeccajo

    There is power in choice.. .isn’t there! Stay EMPOWERED as we continue on!

    • hablondi

      Thanks! You too!

  • Julie Garner

    Great post! So true–we finally have the “power” to say NO THANKS! 🙂 That also tastes a little bit like freedom, which is way better than ice cream…at least in my humble opinion! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the blog hop, Heather!

    • hablondi

      I love that – “freedom tastes better than ice cream.” I am going to remember that one!

  • Shantay

    Yes, somehow being in control of the food choices helps us feel more empowered to say NO. I am thankful that GOD reminds us that we are in control of our own actions. He gives us the power! Thanks!

    • hablondi

      He certainly does! I know I have no power of this on my own.

  • Stela (OBS Small Group Leader)

    Beautiful! I love your thought process. Thanks for sharing.

    • hablondi

      Thank you!

  • Joan Geisler

    That is an excellent word. I am a personal trainer at Golds gym and I will use this to help renew the mind of and empower the women I train!!

    • hablondi

      Joan – I didn’t realize you were a trainer at Gold’s! I bet we have met one another and didn’t even realize it. We were members there for several years and just recently switched to American Family. I think that it is wonderful that you think this will be helpful to your clients.

  • Colo97

    I really like how you say that there is nothing depriving you of all the good foods in life but that you are just choosing a better road. I can fall so easily into the trap of feeling deprived and then caving in. But I love how your mind shift is now into being empowered to choosing the better road! Thanks for sharing and enlightening my journey!

    • hablondi

      I am so glad that it was helpful. I love how we are all learning from one another throughout this process.