Fight Human Trafficking by Wearing a Dress

Dressember 2017

In  this week’s Free Lance-Star column (click here to read) I shared about the plague of human trafficking and modern day slavery.

As a mother of four little girls, it breaks my heart to think of any woman or child suffering the horrors of sex trafficking and slavery. The problem can seem like one that is too big for one person to do anything about, but when we join together to bring about awareness and to raise funds each little act can make a huge difference.

That is why I have committed to wearing a dress everyday during the month of December. Through this small act, I hope to raise awareness around this issue and to raise funds for International Justice Mission, an organization my husband and I have supported for years. Steve worked with them for two weeks in Bolivia over a decade ago, so I am confident that the funds raised will be going to a reputable group who will use the money wisely.

Will you support this effort? Either through making a donation or by joining my team and committing to wearing a dress everyday in December? One dress can truly make a difference when the woman wearing it has committed to changing the world.

You can make a donation through my personal Dressember Fundraising Page.

Want to join my team and commit to raising funds and awareness through wearing dresses in December? I would love to have you! Visit my Team Page for more information.

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  • Maria paula Barreda

    Hi!!!!..first, sorry for my english, I am from Bolivia, my name is Paula and I worked with your husband those two weeks, more than ten years ago!!!!…and it is a lovely coincidence to find your article talking about that terrible issue that breaks us all!!…I loved your post and I completely support your desire to encourage people to Join your compromise with IJM. What a wonderful organization. What a pleasure to serve with them and with your husband. I remember him with tender in my heart (sorry if that last phrase doesnt make any sense jajaj..just want to say that he was a great guy!). Please say hello to him!…you have a beautiful family!!!…and thank your husband one more time for his precious time and work in my country, fighting por those who couldnt fight for themselves!…hugs!…Maria Paula