Day 31 and A Free Printable

We have come to the end of our thirty-one day journey.  When I decided to take on this challenge at the beginning of the month, I had no idea how difficult it was going to be.  I have grown in many ways and at times was stretched to the very limits of my abilities.

God taught me many things this month.  I learned about priorities and time management.  I learned that I write much better late at night, than early in the morning and that it is near impossible to get anything done while my children are awake.

Most importantly, God taught me about Himself.  His amazing and enduring character has become new to me and my faith has grown stronger.  As I looked back through my life for stories to write about, I could see how the different attributes of God were at work at different times.  What an amazing gift that has been.

I hope you have gotten as much out of this journey as I have.  I pray that you have a better understanding of the nature of Yahweh, our Lord.  That what I have written has created a desire in you to draw closer to Elohim, Our Creator.

There is no way that we could learn everything there is to know about God in thirty-one days.  I encourage you to continue to press into Him and to study His unfathomable nature.

As a thank you for spending the month with me, I have created a free printable of the different names of God we have studied.  It should print out as an 8×10.  If you have problems with it, please let me know.  Click here to get the full sized image  Names of God Subway Art

I would love to hear from you, as well.  What has God taught you this month?  Was there one attribute that meant more to you than the rest?  Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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