Day 14: Yaweh Nissi Part 2

Yesterday we looked at the story of Moses and the Israelites’ battle againist the Amalekites.  We learned the importance of holding high the cross of Christ in all of our spiritual battles.

Today I want touch on another important lesson we can learn from this story. 

As Moses held high his staff as he overlooked the battle, his arms grew tired.  At this point he asked two of his most trusted leaders, Aaron and Hur to come along beside him prop up his arms.

When we are facing difficulties or stepping out into a new ministry, it is so important for us to also have people who can hold us up in prayer.

When we attempt to handle it all on our own strength, we grow weary and tired.  When we have trusted friends who will support us through their prayers, we no longer have to bear the burden by ourselves. 

I am definitely not good at sharing the burden.  I tend towards giving people the impression that I am self-sufficient and can handle it all on my own.  I can look back at times in my life where I have not reached out to others and I literally cracked under the pressure. 

Some of this is caused by the influence of our society telling me that I need to be strong and independent.  Most of it is caused by plain ol’ pride.  And you know what they say about pride . . .

I have just recently started to reach out to others; asking them if they will pray for me on a regular basis.  The amazing thing . . . most of them already were!  I have gained a sense of peace knowing that I am not in this alone.

What issues are you facing today?  Who will you ask to come along side of you just like Aaron and Hur did for Moses?

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