“Ah Wan BaBa”

“And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” Mark 12:30
My youngest daughter, Olivia, is just shy of two years old.  Her way of speaking is like most little girls her age, absolutely adorable.  Her first word was, of course, “mama”.  Followed shortly by “mine”.  Having two older sisters has definitely caused her to learn to stand up for herself.  But my favorite word of all is what she calls my husband – BaBa.  That’s right, you read that correctly.  It sounds like what you would hear coming from a pasture of sheep.  BaBa.
Olivia started out a definite mama’s girl.  That has slowly been changing over the last few months.  She has been looking to her BaBa for more and more of her comfort and reassurance.  The transformation was solidified this past weekend.
I had the amazing opportunity to attend the She Speaks Conference hosted by Proverbs 31 Ministries, leaving my girls to spend the weekend with their daddy.  While the conference was phenomenal, all I could think of while driving home was how much I was looking forward to seeing those three little girls.  I couldn’t wait for Olivia to come running to me with arms outstretched yelling, “mama!”.
As I pulled into the driveway and saw all four of them standing there, my heart leapt.  I jumped out of my car and two little girls came running and wrapped their arms around me.  My little Olivia, clung closely to her BaBa.  Peering at me shyly from behind his leg.  It was official.  She had become a daddy’s girl.
My husband explained that the two of them had been inseparable over the weekend.  They swam, read books, colored and played Barbies.  Yes, my husband is man enough to play Barbies with his daughters.  Each night, he sang her to sleep while rocking her in his arms.  It was an all-around Olivia and BaBa love fest.  So much so, that she wants nothing else now.  She wants to be with her daddy all the time.  To be in his arms, to play with him, to be loved on by him.  All I hear from her is, “Ah Wan BaBa”.
My experience at She Speaks was much like Olivia’s weekend.  I was loved on by my Heavenly Father in ways that I just don’t even have the words to express.  He showed me His grace, His love, His plan for me.  He helped me to let go of a rejection that I have been carrying around for the past ten years.  I can now honestly say that I praise Him for the experience.  He confirmed my gifts and gave me a vision for my calling.  
And now, like Olivia, I want more and more of Him.  I want to be with Him all of the time.  To hear Him speak to me.  To read His word.  To feel His love for me.   
And so, it is official for me, as well.  I have become a Daddy’s girl.

How about you?  Are you a Daddy’s girl?  How has He been loving on you lately?  Leave a comment to let me know.

Resting in “BaBa’s” arms

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  • Kelly Combs

    Abba – Daddy – Baba. Love this post! Thanks for sharing it.

    If you want to link up at my post visit chattykelly.com where other She Speaks gals are linking up their posts so we can visit each other.
    I'd love for you to join us!

  • Kelly Combs

    Thanks for linking up!

  • Sonya Lee Thompson

    What a great post! I want to be a daddy's girl! Being at She Speaks did just that for me too. How wonderful to know we can be with Him all of the time!

    Looking forward to hearing more about the ministry God is working through you.

  • Jen

    What a beautiful parallel. And yes, I am a Daddy's girl who has just recently been affirmed by His love. I was always the pleasing type, but it was out of fear, not out of love. So, yes, in this place, I am longing for more of Him.

    Welcome to SDG! I hope you are blessed by this community and you come back next week, too. Enjoy!

  • Jenn

    love love this post.. sad I did not get to meet you at she speaks.. I am a daddy's girl with my earthly daddy– in fact we have a coffee date tommorow morning. so it's easy for me to view my heavenly father in the light of that. I still (even at 29 years old) put my feet on my dad's feet when I go visit and dance to the this tune we danced to everytime he got home when i was little. So I love to step on my heavenly father's feet to. If only i would not try to lead– and just DANCE! blessings


    What a sweet earthly picture of heaven. I was thinking that not only was it sweet for your wee girl, but your husband must have loved it too. Just like God love it.



  • Amy Sullivan

    So glad you linked up, Heather.

    I love your take on this, and I love the picture of your sweet, Olivia sleeping. Perfect with this post!

  • binaspad.net

    AWWWWW!!! I absolutely love the illustration God gave you in that sweet little cherub!!! I pray that as you both grow and shine in the light of Daddy's (…or Baba, as the case may be), that your hearts are changed for the better!!!

    Great to "meet" you!!

  • Jennifer Dougan

    Heather, I looked for your name at She Speaks in July, since you and I had applied for the same scholarship at one point and you had won. Congratulations! But I was so happy for you and eager to see your article. (Post a link?)

    Thank you for your parallel here to our Abba and being our Daddy's girls. WE are, and it is wonderful!

    I too was blessed and touched and thrilled to be at She Speaks for the first time this July. What a wonderful weekend.