A Night at the Fair

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.  John 3:16-17

“I’m free!” yelled Bethany as I sat at the computer reading off the Fredericksburg Fair ticket prices to my husband.  I explained to him that children under the age of four were allowed in free of charge, but that Abigail was going to have to pay for a ticket.

Bethany latched onto that fact and ran with it.  She bolted up the steps exclaiming to her sister that she was going to have to pay to get into the Fair.  It wasn’t long before a very concerned Abigail was in the kitchen asking why she had to pay. 

Being the wonderful parents that we are (said with total sarcasm), we teased her just a little bit.  I told her that she was going to have to pay $5 to get into the Fair and asked her if she had the money.  When she said that she didn’t, I explained that she would have to stay home with our dog Bailey.

At this point she started to cry (okay, we are not so wonderful parents).  Daddy quickly ran over and wrapped his arms around her and told her that he would pay for her to get into the fair.

We had a wonderful time together that evening.  Steve and I had permanent grins on our faces as we watched our little princesses ride the carousel, train and slide down the super slide.  It gave us great joy to watch them running and playing, free from any cares of this world.

As I reflected on the evening during the car ride home, I realized that what Steve did for Abigail was not all that different than what Christ did for us.

Abigail had a debt to pay.  So do we.

Abigail had no way to pay her debt.  Neither do we.

Her daddy provided a way for her to go to the fair.

Christ provided a way for us to live eternally with Him in heaven.  His sacrifice was much larger than the $5 bill Steve paid for Abigail to get into the Fair.  He paid with His life.

Unlike the Fair, our time in heaven will never end.  I like to think that Christ will watch us with a permanent grin on His face as we run and play, free from all the cares of this world.

In order for Abigail to get in that evening, she had to accept Steve’s gift. 

In order for us to get into Heaven, we must accept the free gift that Christ provided through His death on the cross.

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