A Christmas Miracle for the Kaseys

edited family photo


In this week’s Free Lance-Star, I shared the story of my friend Lori Kasey and her family.  They are facing a seemingly impossible situation, but as we know, our God is in the business of doing the impossible.

Their house of 13 years is scheduled to be foreclosed upon on December 9th.  They currently have no where to go.  Would you please consider making a donation to this loving family so that they will not find themselves homeless this Christmas?  Lets all pledge to give up one latte or one trip to Chick-fil-a so that her children can spend Christmas in their childhood home.


Do you have other resources that could help this family?  Maybe you have a rental property that you are able to offer at a rate that they could afford?

Would you also share their story with your friends on Facebook or Twitter?  The more people that know and contribute, the greater chance we have of reaching our goal.

Finally, pray that the Lord will keep the Kaseys in the palm of His hand and that they will feel His peace through all of their difficult circumstances.

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